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Implementations of modern technical solutions and improvements to existing ones.

We are looking for innovative technologies that can radically improve the comfort, power consumption, reliability, service and lifetime of installation. At the same time our solutions are compatible with respect for the environment.

REFLOK - Installation without brazing.

Usually the freon cooling system is made by using brazing copper plant. Because it is a commonly used solution hardly anyone draws attention to a number of shortcomings of this approach. First of all, the installation is being made with using an open flame which carries the risk of firing, fire or damage to the inflammable materials exposed to heat. Secondly,brazing process produces toxic gases and may activate fire protection systems. This causes many restrictions especially in large buildings and shopping centers. In the wooden buildings or buildings placed near flammable materials there is a high risk of fire.

Additionally, during the expansion or modernisation of cooling system oil which lines the inside of the pipe after removing the refrigerant, often catches fire. This may cause serious weakening of the system and shorten its lifetime. Brazed installation must be made with nitrogen purge. Many installers omit this essential part of realization, which may cause very large contamination of installation and dramatically reduce the lifetime of an air conditioner.Unfortunately, after the closure of the installation, we can not check this otherwise than cutting the refrigerant piping. Improper realization of installation often reveals by permanent damage of the equipment, which is often associated with a very expensive repair or the need to replace equipment.

An additional thing that may weaken the installation is incorrect flare connection resulting in the subsequent leak or in compressor damage. This may result in the need to flush the cooling system, which causes the high cost for customer. Unfortunately, it often happens right after the warranty - so service life is 2-3 years instead of 15-20 years.

In our modern aluminum-system solution without brazing we avoid all of these dangers and shortcomings. We also maintain a comparable price of installation. There is no risk of fire because we install system without use of heat. There is no risk of toxic gases, there is no risk of firing of oil in the modernization and expansion of the system. There is no risk of carbon deposits and contamination of pipes so characteristic for the brazing process. Finally, there is no risk of leakage like in flare connection because we use ready-made elements that do not require such connection. And the last but not least we need to add that  our method is  2 times faster.

GHP - Gas Heat Pump

This solution is the most versatile, innovative and environmentally friendly that can be found in the market. Our company specializes in all kinds of applications GHP systems, from concept ,through design and construction sites, ending with repair and modernization of the system.

Only a few companies in Poland is able to grasp the technical complexity of Gas Heat Pump. Because of that we receive many requests for assistance with poorly made or designed systems or in case of a failure. We mention this to warn you against treating these systems at random, limited only to the installation or delivery. You shuold always look at the solution as a whole - from the correct concept through design, execution and service otherwise you can be exposed to a lot number of disappointments. It is the best technology solution in the market, but its complexity requires a broad perspective.

This is a system that can power air conditioning, heating, ventilation, domestic hot water and produce electricity with a single device only. It can also heat and cool at the same time with one device. The waste heat from the engine is used to heat domestic hot water or technological water. The system retains 100% of the heating even with external temperature = - 20 °C. C02 emission is up to 60% lower in comparison to traditional systems powered by electricity.

RENEWAL - Replace the old system running on the R22 without replacing the old piping

This solution can save up to 40% of investment costs related to the replacement of the old system which includes replacement of old piping. In addition, our new system can reduce operating costs up to 70%.

We are leaders.

ART-Klima company implemented many innovative technical solutions as a first in Poland,in  Europe and even in the world.

The first application in the world.

Installation of GHP systems and 3-way  GHP-Multi based on aluminum installation without soldering.

The first application in Europe.

Installation of VRF systems which is also basic heating building system. It bases on aluminum installation made without soldering.

The first application in Poland.

A number of GHP applications including GHP Multi System, GHP system without brazing, propane powered GHP system.We have installed and run the first gas heat pump in Poland in 2006 as a sub-contractor.


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