Main Page FAQ's Will using Vulkan comply with local codes in my area ?

How can I make sure that using Reflok will comply with local codes in my area ?

Most states and/or jurisdictions have adopted the International Mechanical Code (IMC) and section 1101.6 of this Code requires compliance with ASHRAE 15.

ASHRAE 15 states: "Refrigerant piping, valves, fittings and related parts having a maximum internal or external design pressure greater than 15 psig shall be listed either individually or as part of an assembly or a system by an approved, nationally recognized laboratory or shall comply with ASME B31.5 where applicable".

All Reflok fittings and components are ETL listed for refrigeration use, tested in accordance with UL 207.

Furthermore, Reflok aluminum allow refrigeration tubing is manufactured to the requirements of ASME B31.5 for aluminum alloy refrigeration piping

The only restriction to the use of aluminum alloy tubing for refrigeration use in the International Mechanical Code is paragraph 1107.5.5 Aluminum tube.  "Type 3003-O aluminum tubing with high-pressure fittings shall not be used with methyl chloride and other refrigerants known to attack aluminum".  Reflok does not use type 3003-O tubing and thus meets the codes.


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