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No heat in installation of cooling system

No heat  = no risk of fire !

Reflok connection needs no brazing so there is no hot works permit required. 

In traditional method installer have to use heat in brazing process to ensure hermetic connection . It weakens material from which system is made of.

There is no such a problem in Reflok connection. Implemetation and service becomes easier, faster, cleaner and less expensive.

Furthermore this is a perfect solution for buildings in which high temperature like in brazing process is not allowed.

Our solution avoids the use of heat that results in a high risk of fire and activation of fire protection systems.

These features makes that Reflok connection is perfect for buildings such as:

- Historical buildings, such as the wooden churches, manor houses, etc..
- Heat-sensitive areas - gas stations, laboratories, archives, 

- rooms where you can not afford to turn off computers in  case of damage by brazing like server rooms for example. 



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